Sustainable Business Practices

NBI seeks to strengthen the role and capacity of the Nepalese Private sector to contribute in sustainabile peace in Nepal.  One of the main focus areas of NBI involves promoting responsible business practices integrating social, environmental and economic concerns through good stakeholder relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Conducts. The Inclusive Development of the Economy (INCLUDE) programme and NBI are partnering in the joint objective to promote CSR in Nepal for more than 3 years now. As a milestone in the partnership between INCLUDE and NBI, a national Code of Conduct on ethical business practices has been officially launched in 2013, which was widely appreciated by both the private and the public sector.

Currently, in order to promote ethical business practices, the national level Code of Conduct is being adapted to the specific needs of 3 business sectors; dairy, construction and leather footwear and goods. DIA (Dairy Industry Association ), FCAN (Federation of Contractors’ Association of Nepal) and LFGMAN( Leather Footwear and Goods Manufacturers’ Association Nepal) have already expressed their commitment to implement code of conduct through MOU with NBI.

Next step will be to conduct need/risk assessment in the selected sectors in close coordination with the related business association and participating companies. Based on the finding, business sector specific code of conducts will be prepared; discussed with the main stakeholders; finalized; launched; and support provided for successful implementation and monitoring. While business ethics covers a wide range of business responsibility issues, a focus will be given to fighting corruption. To support the implementation at company level, the establishment of peer learning groups will be facilitated.