Peace Process and Constitution Making

One of the focus areas of NBI is to advocate for private sector’s concern in constitution making process and facilitate between private sector and other actors working in peace building. Key activities in the past in this focus area have been the following;

  • Conference on The Role of Private Sector in Peace Building, Reconciliation and Development (2003)
  • Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in Nepal: A Chance for Peace and Prosperity? (2006)
  • Study on Support to Peace building through the Private Sector : “The business of peace” (2006)
  • One National and eight Regional Dialogues on “Role of Private Sector in Rehabilitation of Verified and Late Maoist Recruitments (2010)
  • Host secretariat for Constituent Assembly Members with business background to advocate for private sector concerns. (2008 onwards)
  • National Observation of Constituent Assembly Election by 200 business people in 23 districts. (2013)