Responsible Business in Nepal: A Guide for Executives

6 students

This guidebook includes material presented and discussed during the first Nepal Responsible Business Summit, which was held in Kathmandu from 16 -17 December 2014. The Summit was hosted by following organizations:

  1. Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI):
  2. Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM):
  3. National Business Initiative (NBI):
  4. School of Management, Tribhuvan University (SOMTU):
  5. The Inclusive Development of the Economy (INCLUDE) Programme:

The guidebook was written by Ralph Hamann. Its preparation was guided by a Steering Committee consisting of the following members:

  • Padma Jyoti, Monish Bajracharya, Asmita Khadka (all NBI),
  • Binod Krishna (KUSOM), Bhoj Raj Aryal (SOMTU),
  • Prashant Singh (HCI),
  • Ellen Kallinowsky, Victor Linden and Binija Nepal (all GIZ).

This guidebook also draws from the insights and resources presented by business champions, speakers and presenters of the Summit. We gratefully acknowledge their contributions. Helpful comments on an early draft were received from Tom Marshall (Siddharthinc) and Victor Linden.

We gratefully acknowledge the following students who prepared minutes on discussions at the Summit; from KUSOM:
Netra Dahal, Sajnaa Dangol, Santosh Dahal, Srawan Kumar Luitel, and Surendra Pandey, and from SOMTU: Diwal Pyakhurel, Pramila Phagu, Rupa Pokheral, Sagun Sangroula, and Sristhi Upadhaya.

These students were supported by

  • Rosendhra Dhoj Khadka and Usha Koirala from SOMTU and
  • Anjali Chaudhary, Arjun Shrestha, Binayak Malla, Rita Shrestha, and Sabina Baniya from KUSOM.

We are also grateful to the following interviewees:

Anupa Aryal Pant, Alok Kohli, Bijay Rajbhandary, Tom Larsen, and Saloman Rajbanshi.


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