Responsible Business Alliance Nepal


Hamro Samman Project and National Business Initiative (NBI) are partnering to create Responsible Business Alliance Nepal, a strategic alliance of businesses and professionals, with the purpose of jointly act on and advance goals that serve both business development and social objectives. The purpose of the Alliance is to improve knowledge and awareness about human trafficking in Nepal (primarily among vulnerable populations and companies); to promote skill-building and job placements and linkages; and to strengthen collection, management, sharing and analysis of TIP-related information.


Champion socio-economic goals that support and empower the most vulnerable Nepalis, while also raising visibility of issues such as countering trafficking in persons and sensitizing other businesses to take action.


We ACKNOWLEDGE that Human Trafficking is a crime that affects every business, sector and country. We will try to deepen understanding of the risks in our organizations and our value chains, and the negative impacts it has on survivors and the economy as a whole. We commit to ACT within our power and influence to implement ethical and inclusive business practices, improve transparency in our value chains, and commit our resources to offer safeguards and avenues to survivors of human trafficking and those at considerable risk. We pledge to lead initiatives that ADVANCE our collective efforts on empowering Nepali workers, with better access to services and practices such as skill training, jobs, and information. While doing so, we commit to informing and inspiring the larger business community on a new way of doing business--with responsible and sustainable business practices at the heart of our operations and efforts.


Some of our committed 'business champions' are:


This section outlines the activities planned with the Alliance Members in 2019. However, once the group comes together, in collaboration with NBI and Hamro Samman Project, members can choose to revisit and revise the plans where it makes sense to strengthen and expedite achievement of the Alliance’s goals.

April 2019: Co-creation Workshop to build Common Vision, Commitment & Action

July 2019: Co-creation Workshop to Expand Training and Job Placements

July 2019: Public Launch of Alliance

August 2019: Co-creation Workshop for TIP Awareness Campaign


If you want to learn more about this alliance and become part of this movement, please contact us


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