RBS 2019

National Business Initiative (NBI) presents the 3rd episode of our flagship event “Responsible Business Summit (RBS) 2019″on SEPTEMBER 5 – 6, 2019 (BHADRA 19 – 20, 2076) in Hotel Yak & Yet

RBS 2019 will be an exceptional assembly of nearly five hundred top managers, CEOs, business persons, civic activists, media personnel and academicians interested and engaged in responsible business. The event is also the most powerful national platform to showcase the ethical, responsible and sustainable practices of Nepalese businesses. Exemplary cases will be presented for learning and discussion in each session. Keynote speeches will be delivered by international experts in each of the themes.

The core objective of the RBS is to promote multi-stakeholder discussion among business, government, development agencies, civil society, media and academia on CSR and showcase best practices of responsible business practices in Nepal.