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There can be no successful business without successful society and there can be no successful society without successful business”


Adhering to this norm, National Business Initiative (NBI) was formed by fourteen major nepalese business associations and individual companies as an apolitical and non-profit-making organization in 2005.

NBI seeks to strengthen the role and capacity of the Nepalese Private Sector to contribute in sustainable peace in Nepal. We do so by mobilizing the existing private sector bodies at local and higher levels, generating new knowledge relating to private sector on softer issues around peace, conflict & development and creating demand as well as support for positive change in the society.

Thematic Areas

Peace, Security and Rule of Law

NBI collaborates with the stakeholders to promote peace, security and rule of law for all.

Responsible and Sustainable Business

NBI advocates for the responsible and sustainable business practice in Nepal in public and private organizations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NBI has a faith that the country can progress with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Recent Posts

  • Alliance Disclaimer

    Alliance Disclaimer

    This document is made possible by the generous support of the American people and British people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (UK aid). Contents of this information are the responsibility of National Business Initiative and Winrock International and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government, or UK aid or the United Kingdom Government.Read More »
  • Alliance Governance

    Alliance Governance

    NBI will facilitate creation of the Alliance and manage its secretariat for the first three years of its life. It will build on its existing network to create the Alliance, which will include TIP progressive companies with operations in Nepal. Alliance members will include promising and influential leaders from the business community and pledge to be CTIP champions. Hamro Samman Project will act as a co-facilitator and resource to NBI and member companies in the development and management of the Business Alliance and its activities. The Alliance is expected to evolve over time. It may grow organically to include other […]Read More »
  • Alliance ToR

    Alliance ToR

    The Responsible Business Alliance Nepal will serve as an important platform to test and share ideas and knowledge, make linkages and harness relationships, leverage branding and promotions, and troubleshoot challenges in the achievement of goals aimed at countering human trafficking and labor exploitation and empowering Nepali workers. In line with the recommendations from the Bali Process Government and Business Forum attended by NBI, the Alliance will adopt the AAA Framework as the model of engagement. Through the framework, the participants will Acknowledge the scale of the problem, Act to strengthen and implement ethical practices, policy and legal frameworks, and work […]Read More »

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