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There can be no successful business without successful society and there can be no successful society without successful business”


Adhering to this norm, National Business Initiative (NBI) was formed by fourteen major nepalese business associations and individual companies as an apolitical and non-profit-making organization in 2005.

NBI seeks to strengthen the role and capacity of the Nepalese Private Sector to contribute in sustainable peace in Nepal. We do so by mobilizing the existing private sector bodies at local and higher levels, generating new knowledge relating to private sector on softer issues around peace, conflict & development and creating demand as well as support for positive change in the society.

Thematic Areas

Peace, Security and Rule of Law

NBI collaborates with the stakeholders to promote peace, security and rule of law for all.

Responsible and Sustainable Business

NBI advocates for the responsible and sustainable business practice in Nepal in public and private organizations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NBI has a faith that the country can progress with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Recent Posts

  • Formation of Responsible Business Alliance Nepal

    Formation of Responsible Business Alliance Nepal

    Envisioned with the space to jointly collaborate key business champions & enroll themselves in an alliance to set a common vision for contributing against human trafficking, on April 16, 2019 (2-5 pm) NBI supported by Hamro Samman Project hosted workhshop ‘Responsible Business Alliance Nepal’ at Maya Manor Boutique Hotel, Naxal.  Major objective of the program was formerly to introduce Hamro Samman Project and its effort to counter human trafficking and later on to introduce Responsible business Alliance Nepal. Alliance members will be engaged on empowering vulnerable Nepali youths to fight against human trafficking and build productive livelihood opportunities. Around 30 business leaders […]Read More »
  • NAFEA Workshop

    NAFEA Workshop

    Summary On May 10 and 11, 2019, National Business Initiative (NBI) in partnership with USAID’s Hamro Samman project organized two day residential workshop titled “Towards Responsible Recruitment: Solutions to De-risk Foreign Employment Process” in Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot. This event had the representation from key government leaders, private sector, civil society as well as national and international development partners. 55 participants participated in the program as per following details: Organization No of participants Male Female Total NBI 9 0 9 NAFEA 30 3 33 Government 5 0 5 Hamro Samman, USAID 1 4 5 Experts and Civil Society 3 0 […]Read More »
  • Hamro Samman Project

    Hamro Samman Project

    This section will have details about Hamro Samman ProjectRead More »

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