Formation of Responsible Business Alliance Nepal

Envisioned with the space to jointly collaborate key business champions & enroll themselves in an alliance to set a common vision for contributing against human trafficking, on April 16, 2019 (2-5 pm) NBI supported by Hamro Samman Project hosted workhshop ‘Responsible Business Alliance Nepal’ at Maya Manor Boutique Hotel, Naxal.  Major objective of the program was formerly to introduce Hamro Samman Project and its effort to counter human trafficking and later on to introduce Responsible business Alliance Nepal. Alliance members will be engaged on empowering vulnerable Nepali youths to fight against human trafficking and build productive livelihood opportunities. Around 30 business leaders representing distinct sectors attended the workshop.

National Business Initiative (NBI) and Hamro Samman Project are partnering to create a Responsible Business Alliance Nepal, a structured network of progressive businesses, that come together to promote and build joint initiatives that advance social objectives as well as business development goals. In the first two years, 2019-2020, the Responsible Business Alliance will champion and focus on countering human trafficking and exploitation of Nepalis, particularly of laborers/workers, in Nepal and in the migration destination countries abroad. The strategic focus of the Alliance beyond 2021 will be determined by members of the Alliance in consultation with NBI.

Currently Hamro Samman’s engagement with the Private Sector can be seen via numbers of collaborative activities. First rolled out is training and job placement program. In doing so, Hamro Samman is Seeking partners to work on sustainable system for target group to attain market alliance skill training, job placement with proper counseling. Major idea is to expand quality skill building and job placement opportunities for vulnerable Nepalese and to uplift their livelihood so that number of being trafficked will be reduced. Call for application for this particular initiative is all the employers attending the workshop might be able to collaborate in training institutions and job placement activities for target group.

Secondary area of working is marching 150 thousand dollar hamro samman innovation challenge to crowd source ICT solutions that will come from various businesses, especially starting with small and medium enterprises to address the challenges that are hindering to counter human trafficking in Nepal. Hamro Samman wants to explore market place solutions that for instance might help to expand job and trainings to Nepalese or to establish mechanisms that encourage businesses such as domestic and international recruitment companies to become more transparent & countable in their practices.

3rd Initiative Hamro samman currently working on is to design and execution of a multiyear communications campaign targeted at those at risk of being exploited and trafficked such as aspiring migrant’s workers, to explore potential partnership opportunities. Fourth area of working is with the help of partner NBI Hamro Samman aims to promote inclusive and ethical recruitment and labor practices among its associations and networks like NAFEA in Nepal. Fifth is with NBI, Hamro Samman aims to integrate mainstream visibility to counter trafficking-in-person in Nepal.

Establishment of Responsible Business Alliance brings business community together and HS hopes to develop this alliance as a space where progressive businesses will unite to champion human trafficking by institutionalizing responsible business practices and increase the activities that can serve for vulnerable Nepalese. Key leaders of this alliance will be able to demonstrate leadership that will sensitize other businesses to engage into the activities to reduce human trafficking and perceive activities that can increase and improve services for vulnerable Nepalese and trafficking survivors. Through this platform HS hopes to test and share ideas and knowledge to troubleshoot the challenges that are hindering to counter trafficking and labor exploitation in Nepal and to empower Nepali workers & youths. Winrock with its development partner NBI hopes to sensitize businesses and others in the issue of human trafficking and Responsible Business Alliance will help for reaching and empowering vulnerable people.

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