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The Responsible Business Alliance Nepal will serve as an important platform to test and share ideas and knowledge, make linkages and harness relationships, leverage branding and promotions, and troubleshoot challenges in the achievement of goals aimed at countering human trafficking and labor exploitation and empowering Nepali workers.

In line with the recommendations from the Bali Process Government and Business Forum attended by NBI, the Alliance will adopt the AAA Framework as the model of engagement. Through the framework, the participants will Acknowledge the scale of the problem, Act to strengthen and implement ethical practices, policy and legal frameworks, and work to Advance efforts over the long term. The Bali Process sets out a work plan for both business and government to contribute to the eradication of all forms of human trafficking, and a guide for implementation of AAA by businesses.

Broadly, the Alliance’s mandate will include:
● Public demonstration of business solidarity for CTIP including appearance, dialogue, and commitments during public launch of the Alliance, NBI’s Responsible Business Summit, and other such follow-up public and private engagements.
● Active participation and contributions to discussions and activities related to empowering trafficking survivors and vulnerable people with resources such as skills, jobs, information, and networks, to protect workers and prevent trafficking, among other goals.
● Promotion of communication and collaborative action within the Alliance and other stakeholders in the business space in general in order to catalyze further private sector engagement, innovations, and strategic partnerships aimed at empowering trafficking survivors and vulnerable people.

Key Activities of the Alliance will be jointly agreed by its members, in collaboration with NBI and the Hamro Samman Project. Members can choose to strategize and revisit their plans where it makes sense to strengthen and expedite achievement of the Alliance’s goals. Some of the anticipated activities in 2019 include:
July 2019: Public Launch and Publicity on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Together with the Alliance members, NBI and Hamro Samman Project will launch the Responsible Business Alliance Nepal on July 30 to mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons at this event. The launch is will be designed to create visibility for the Alliance and its mandate and in the process highlight and elevate the conversation on CTIP priorities and solutions.

August – September 2019: Co-creation Workshop to Expand Training and Job Placements
The Alliance, with facilitation by NBI, will organize a workshop in Kathmandu to brainstorm and seek commitment on the models for finding/expanding skill building and job opportunities for vulnerable Nepalis, including building inclusive recruitment policies and practices at industries and companies.

August – September 2019: Co-creation Workshop for TIP Awareness Campaign
The Alliance, with facilitation by NBI, will organize a workshop in Kathmandu to convene stakeholders (NBI, Alliance, and others) interested and affected by communications/marketing, TIP, and migration to co-create and commit to a multi-year TIP Awareness Campaign.

September 2019: Responsible Business Summit
The Responsible Business Summit is a flagship high-level two-day event periodically organized by NBI. The upcoming third Responsible Business Summit is being held in September 4-5, 2019, with the theme of ‘Responsible Business for Sustainable Development’. Under the leadership of the Alliance members, NBI will design and drive a focused discussion on driving responsible business practices that protect and empower workers and prevent trafficking.

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