Open Data Round Table 2018

 Roundtable on “Open Data for Business”

17th June, 2018 | Hotel Yellow Pagoda

National Business Initiative in association with Asia Foundation Nepal organized Roundtable on ” Open Data for Business” on 17th June 2018. The program aimed to ensure that more and better data is available, accessible and usable by range of government, civil society, and private sector actors at the national and subnational level to inform decision making, implementation and monitoring of development efforts. Around 30 Participants representing different private organizations attended the program raising questions regarding Open Data.

Program started at 2:30 pm and had been divided into 5 sections. NBI President Mr Padma Jyoti gave opening remarks. After that CEO of Microsoft Innovation Centre Mr. Allen B. Tuladhar shared his expertise by giving key note presentation clarifying the concept, usage and scope of Open data in Nepal by bringing Worldwide references. He clarified what kind of data are available in Nepal and how can we lobby for making data more open and reliable. Following the presentation, Mr Allen Tuladhar moderated Panel discussion with different sector experts for an hour. Panelists were representing different sectors. Vice President of NBI Mr. Kush Kumar Joshi, represented manufacturing sector. He highlighted that in Nepal here is trend of saying ‘Your ignorance is my business’, nobody is ready to share their data openly therefore comfort zone has to be made for sharing data. At least there should be availability of raw data in private and governmental sectors. Similarly Mr. Arniko Rajbhandari, representative of Agro Industries sector shared his experience of facing loss in dairy production due to the unavailability and inaccuracy of data. Mr. Prabin Basnet, representing Financial services sector from Machhapuchhre Bank shared his views on importance of data in banking sector. Open data is efficient and mandatory for finding out the profile and residence of individual customer. Mr. Sudhir Mittal, CEO of Shree Airlines representing Airlines Industry also forwarded the importance of open data for the convenience of customers and rapid expansion of airlines industry in Nepal.

Each Panelist shared importance of open data in private sector for business expansion and social enhancement. Furthermore they shared their experiences of having difficulties in finding accurate data in Nepal. Many significant topics were covered during the discussion. Finally vote of thanks was forwarded by NBI Secretary General Mr. Surendra Bir Malakar. Program wrapped up with the hope to see this kind of close cooperation in the implementation of the open data strategies in upcoming days.


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